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Mike Fellows Bio

Mike Fellows MAX

Colorado born Michael Fellows brought his passion for control, strength and rigging management to Phoenix in 2012. Making a name for himself and building relationships in the fast growing industrial and manufacturing boom.

Son of an air traffic controller and business executive, Mike’s foundation is built on the utmost respect for knowledge control safety and finding the right people to believe in.

Mike studied geographic information systems and flying before taking on the most grounded of professions in specialized moving and rigging. This next adventure Mike studied hands-on from the ground up. Commercial heavy haul driver turned trusted rigging hand and manager until the day he could take the wings and grow.

In 2017 Mike partnered with Carson Kennedy and Kristine Kennedy to build the rigging and business structure that did not exist in the Phoenix market.

In business and rigging alike we keep the overhead low. We will profit from your success.

Carson Kennedy Bio

Carson Kennedy has dedicated his career to the impossible rigging and transport trade. He is safety vested and experienced in specialized transport, industrial rigging and heavy haul operations. He is a certified crane and forklift operator with a background in field and shop diesel mechanics with a passion for all mechanical trades.

A Pacific NW native, Carson has ground built and field managed his partner-owned company Highway Heavy Hauling of Portland, Oregon to bring safety quality and respect to the fast growing construction field in that area.

Starting in late 2017 with partners Mike Fellows and Kristine Kennedy, Carson has now made Maximum Machinery Moving his home. He has combined all of his skills, passions and 15 years of drive to bring Phoenix a dedicated team to grow the industries and manufacturing skyward.

Our sales team is our workforce because we don’t sell promises, we sell our passion. We’d love to meet you.

Carson Kennedy MAX

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